Economic growth, leasing and credit market down 30%

The tightened regulation of small consumer credit providers also affected the rest of the credit market – leasing companies, major consumer loans and other financial institutions. The loan portfolio has been shrinking, although residents have completed more leasing and credit applications during the first nine months of this year than at the same time last […]

Loans for the unemployed Loans for the Unemployed

In the past, it was customary for creditors to provide loans to the unemployed. But today the situation is much different. The loan to the unemployed is no longer granted. Unless, of course, he implements certain statutory conditions for express credit lending. Then, even without formally meeting all the conditions, loans to the unemployed can […]

Reliable Solution for Emergency Cash Loan Needs

Due to the living conditions, credit expectations that each individual needs from time to time may cause credit problems by banks due to SSK or KKB problems. From this perspective; primarily the cash needs of individuals; It is possible to easily take advantage of the immediate cash-out advantages offered in meeting credit needs and many […]